Spa Lunch Menu

Augusta Maine Spa Lunch Menu

Spa Lunch MenuAsian Salad w/ Grilled Chicken
Shredded Nappa Cabbage & fresh vegetables. sesame peanut dressing, fresh cilantro & mint garnish. Served on a bed of cold sesame rice noodles. Vegetarian version available.

Senator House Salad
Mesclun greens with toasted walnuts, fresh strawberries & bleu cheese, with an orange ginger vinaigrette. Choice of Vegetarian, Grilled Chicken or Smoked Maine Shrimp.

New Age Chef’s Salad
Mesclun greens with grilled julienne chicken breast, caramelized onions, candied walnuts & pickled beets, with bleu cheese crumbles & cranberry honey Dijon vinaigrette. Vegetarian version available.

Cobb Salad
Fresh sliced chicken, bacon, avocado, tomato & boiled egg over lettuce, garnished with crumbled Bleu cheese & an herb vinaigrette.

Greek Salad
Greens, fresh vegetables, feta & kalamata olives & Greek vinaigrette.

Maple & Ginger Glazed Salmon Salad
With dried cranberries, fresh avocado, spicy pecans, fresh asparagus, orange sections and orange ginger vinaigrette.

Fresh Senator Made Mediterranean Pasta
Linguine with sun-dried & fresh tomatoes, Greek olives, feta, artichoke hearts, capers, garlic & olive oil

Vegetarian Grilled Eggplant Club

Available Mon. – Sat. until 5pm

Grilled eggplant, roasted sweet peppers, tomato & provolone on Senator whole wheat w/ Greek olive tapenade. With fruit skewers.

Senator Club

Available Mon. – Sat. until 5pm
Fresh sliced chicken, bacon, lettuce & tomato on Senator white toast w/ Senator thousand island dressing, With fruit skewers.

Grilled Smoked Turkey Club
Available Mon. – Sat. until 5pm
Thinly sliced smoked turkey breast w/ cranberry sauce, melted cheddar, Swiss, Dijon mustard & mixed greens on Senator whole wheat. With fruit skewers.

**All menu items include filtered water w/ lemon. Additional beverage selections available upon request.