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Augusta Maine Personal Training

Augusta Maine Personal Training
Introducing Our New Kick-start Your Fitness Program & Personal Training Goal Packages

Call or visit us today and we will coach you towards SUCCESS with your Health & Fitness Goals!

The Senator Kick Start Your Fitness Program
4 One Hour Sessions for $239.00
*We will waive the $99 joining fee*

Available to all 3 Month, 6 Month and Annual Members as a special, one time offer when you join!

Includes a Personal Fitness Consultation with:
Body Fat Analysis, Body Weight, Personal Goal Evaluation, Initial Program Setup & 3 One Hour Coached Workouts.

Personal Training Goal Packages Based on One Hour Sessions
24 Sessions for $1,200 ($50)
12 Sessions for $624 ($52)
8 Sessions for $432 ($54)
4 Sessions for $232 ($58)
1 Session for $60

*All sessions are 60 minutes. *All Goal Packages must be paid in full up front. *Sessions do not expire, but we encourage follow through to meet your fitness expectations.

We Offer
> 1 hour one on one coaching sessions with certified fitness specialists.
> Workouts specifically designed to help you reach your determined goals.
> Cardiovascular activity & resistance training combined to burn calories & fat at optimum levels.
> Professional & reliable guidance toward achieving personal fitness goals.
> Fresh & motivational systems of training.

> Increase metabolism, weight loss, lean muscle tissue, overall functional strength & endurance.
> Amplify flexibility, coordination & core strength to reduce injury & soreness.
> Continue post rehabilitative exercise to insure healing.
> Increase bone density (prevent osteoporosis).
> Lower cholesterol, reduce potential heart disease & stress while turning back the hands of time.

> To exercise effectively & safely in accordance to your own fitness level.
> Proper training techniques.
> To avoid fitness plateaus and promote consistent fitness success.
> To set goals which are ambitious and attainable.

Whether you are a beginner on your own fitness journey or a highly developed athlete, our Senator fitness specialists will help you reach your full potential and help you attain your GOALS!!!