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Spa and Fitness Calendar

Click Here for a Printable September 2015 Schedule

Augusta Maine Spa and Fitness CalendarAll classes included in Membership, OR as a Senator hotel guest, OR available to non-members with the purchase of a day pass.

Aqua Zumba
Latin & International music blends it all together into a safe, challenging, water-based workout that’s cardio-conditioning, body-toning and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief! All fitness levels invited. 1 Hour

Body Fit Challenge
Class includes head to toe weighted workout with intervals of sports conditioning exercises, finishing with ab work and yoga type stretching. Come join us! All levels welcome. 1 Hour

Boot Camp Express
40 minutes of functional strength & conditioning using fit balls, medicine balls, free weights & body weight exercises. Focus on hips, core, & shoulders. Complete your workout with 10-15 minutes of recovery with stretching and foam-roller self-massage techniques. 1 Hour

Core Body Strength
Learn proper form & safety using a combination of weights, bands, stability & medicine balls to create strength and balance Finish with exercises targeted specifically for the abdominal area and top it all off with a great stretch. For all levels. 1 Hour

Full Body Fitness
Designed for all fitness levels to increase mobility, reduce pain and improve functional fitness. 1 Hour

Fit for Life
This class offers new ways to get your body working & feeling better by getting stronger and reducing pain. Modifications can be provided for every situation and exercise. 1 Hour

Gentle Yoga
A beginner level with a modified approach focusing on breath, stretches, strength & relaxation using floor mat or a chair to explore your full potential. 1 Hour

Hatha Yoga
Awaken the body, mind & spirit and get energy flowing in this hatha yoga class for beginners to intermediates. 1 Hour

Interval Training Blast
Maximize your workout with interval intensity levels to improve your functionality, strength, balance & endurance including a variety of fitness equipment and fun floor cardio, plyometric, kickboxing, strength training & balance challenges for all fitness levels. 1 Hour

Morning Fit Blast or Rise & Shine Circuit
Get your heart rate going and work up a sweat to kick start your day. This early class comprises of multiple circuit stations that will be constantly evolving to work through your whole body, pushing you a little bit further. 1 Hour

Splash Aerobics
The ultimate in low impact/high benefit water workout for all ages and abilities. 1 Hour

Stott Pilates
Pilates promotes improved posture, core stability & joint mobility while focusing on the 3 natural curves of the spine and muscle balance. Learn how to use breath to engage the pelvic floor & your deepest abdominal muscles-feeling longer, leaner & more aligned. 1 Hour

Step Plus!
Full body aerobic & strengthening workout with balls, weights, resistance tubes, bands & steps. 1 Hour

Sunrise Boot Camp
Wake up with a full body workout that will energize you for the rest of the day! Focusing on functional strength & conditioning. Learn how to modify techniques to match your own fitness level. 45 minutes

Tai Chi
A healing form of martial arts, when practiced daily helps to increase circulation, balance and stability & to move intrinsic energy or qi in our bodies. This is a simple Tai Chi form to do on your own.
1 Hour

Weighted Workout
Tone your body and strengthen your core with weights, bands and balls. Beginner friendly! 45 minutes

A mixed level practice focusing on uniting Mind, Body & Spirit using guided meditations to cleanse the Charka system. Yoga mudras, chants and Asana (physical poses) designed to create a balanced system on all levels; physically, mentally & spiritually. Includes Pranayama breathing practices & meditation to transmute karma, improve strength, endurance, flexibility, concentration, peace of mind, & improved sense of well-being. 75 minutes

Zumba Gold
This is beginners Zumba. Come see what all the fun is about! 1 Hour