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Spa and Fitness Calendar

Click Here for a Printable September 2014 Schedule

Spa and Fitness CalendarAll classes included in Membership, OR as a Senator hotel guest, OR available to non-members with the purchase of a day pass.

Booty Beat: Created by women for women, Booty Beat will get you fit and feeling fabulous! This super fun, non-stop cardio dance class will work the entire body while targeting specific muscle groups. Even if you have never tried dance-based exercise, you will be dancing like no one is watching! 1 hour.

Sunrise Boot Camp: Wake up with a full body workout that will energize you for the rest of the day! Focusing on functional strength and conditioning, learn how to modify technique to match your own fitness level. 45 minutes

Sport Yoga: An Ashtanga based aerobic class of stretching & vigorous sequence poses connected to breath & movement. Some basic yoga experience is helpful but not essential. All levels, including beginners are welcome. 1 Hour.

Weighted Workout: Tone your body and strengthen your core with weights, bands and balls. Beginner friendly and no aerobics experience necessary. 45 minutes.

Body Fit Challenge: This class has it all! Be prepared to meet the challenge and increase strength, cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Class includes 40 minutes of a head to toe weighted workout with intervals of sports conditioning exercises, finishing with 20 minutes of ab work and yoga type stretching. Come join us! All levels welcome. 1 hour.

Boot Camp Express: The ultimate full body workout! A concentrated 40 minutes of functional strength & conditioning using fit balls, medicine balls, free weights & body weight exercises. Focus is placed on the hips, core & shoulders. Complete your workout with 10-15 minutes of recovery & stretching utilizing the latest foam-roller self-massage techniques.

Qigong:  This is a class of healing Qigong focusing on relaxation, stretch, releasing, gathering, circulating and dispersing of energy in the body to create well being. The class will begin with meditation & relaxation, then there will be a gentle stretch of muscles, tendons, meridians, then movements & vocalizations to release stagnant energy, then a standing meditation, then further movement to create flexibility & agility, to finish with self massage.

Restorative Yoga: A class designed for all body types & fitness levels.  The Goal: Relax & Renew your body.  There are practical suggestions to help you release stress & to live in the present moment.  This practice consists of supported poses & some gentle movements that focuses on “Being” instead of doing.  Encourage your body to release tightness & discomfort with regular practice and achieve a balance point for busy or stressful living. 1 hr and 15 minutes.

Splash Aerobics: The ultimate in a low impact/high benefit water workout for all ages and abilities using noodles, web gloves & aqua fins. 1 Hr.

Step Plus!: Full body aerobic & strengthening workout with balls, weights, resistance tubes, bands & steps.

Tai Chi:  A slow moving form of martial arts with healing benefits. When practiced daily, Tai Chi helps to increase circulation, balance and stability as well as move Qi (energy) thru the entire system. The Sun family form will be practiced in the class known as the quick step Tai Chi & high postures. There are 12 moves in this form which has been shown to be beneficial for arthritis and pain management.

Yoga: A Mixed level & practice class.  Rotate through 3 different Vinyasa Flow series.  Modifications are given throughout the practice.  Vinyasa Flow yoga will unite the flowing movement of yoga postures to your breath.  Yoga postures are followed by Pranayama, a breathing practice & a brief meditation period.  This practice is designed to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, concentration, peace of mind, improved sense of well-being. 1 hr and 15 minutes.

Yogalates: A Class designed for all levels of enthusiasts.  Consisting of a series of controlled flowing movements geared to improve your shape & remedy postural problems by realigning your body structure, this practice promotes stability in the core/center of the body.  Pilates & Yoga focus on concentration & conscious flow of breath uniting the mind &body.  This truly holistic practice requires regular practice to be of benefit.  Anyone familiar with yoga will be right at home in this class as the two practices share many of the same elements. 1 hr and 15 minutes.

We ask that all participants arrive within 15 minutes of the start of the class to ensure participation in the program. All class participants may use the pool, hot tub, co-ed steam room & saunas before & after class.